What You Track Grows...

A daily journal created by collegiate athletes and designed to help athletes level up in their sport and focus on daily mental health over a 90 day cycle.

  • 90 Day Athlete: A Daily Journal For Athlete's

    What did the greats like Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, Kobe Bryant, Alex Morgan, Tom Brady, Mia Hamm, Muhammad Ali and so many more have in common? They all used the principles found in this daily journal every day. From visualization, to reflection, gratitude and performance evaluation. They realized that what you track grows and when you write down your goals and track every day how you are moving closer to them you level up into the best athlete you can be.


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Prime Your Day: With Gratitude and Visualization

"To be the best you can be, the fire must come from within. You are responsible for your own motivation." - Ken Ravizza, to whom this journal is dedicated to.

Set Goals

Use the "Winning Image" section to write out and visualize achieving your goal

Reflect On Your Day

Note daily wins, track key daily habits, conclude with a daily performance evaluation